Welcome to the Hacker High school program..! Download Hackers High School Program – 13 Hacking HandBook Pack. This program is designed to encourage you to be well-rounded and resourceful. The core instruction theme is to harness the hacker curiosity in you and to guide you progressively through your hacker education to help you grow into a responsible role, capable of determining security and privacy problems and making proper security decisions for yourself. While there is a thrill to hacking partly because of the illegal nature of computer trespass, we want to show you that it is just as big a thrill to alert others about lapses in security and make them public without worrying about going to jail over it. As a citizen of most countries, it is not only your right, but your responsibility, to report security and privacy leaks to the proper authorities. You do this not because you can, but because many other people can’t. You are helping those who can’t help themselves. This is what watchdog groups do. This is what you will learn to do.

Hackers High School Program – 13 Hacking HandBook Pack

This hackers high school program contains following 13 hacking ebooks.

  1. Being_a_Hacker.PDF
  2. Windows_and_Linux.PDF
  3. Ports_and_Protocols.PDF
  4. Services_and_Connections.PDF
  5. System_Identification.PDF
  6. Malware.PDF
  7. Attack_Analysis.PDF
  8. Forensics.PDF
  9. Email_Security.PDF
  10. Web_Security_and_Privacy.PDF
  11. Passwords.PDF
  12. Legalities_and_Ethics.PDF
  13. TOC_Glossary.PDF

Download Hackers High School Program

Click here to download. Password is EHT.

Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.