Maybe you did not know, but there are two Internet. The classic Internet, the one you know and that you use everyday, on which you can read this article. It is very easily accessible and is indexed by the search engines. Next comes the deep web or the dark. Do you have question what is the dark web? Here’s the answer, web representing approximately 96% of the entire web on which there is a large number of un-referenced pages for various reasons: dynamic URLs generated on the fly, sites requiring authentication (banks, online organizations), data not included by the search engines.

And then there is a small subset of the deep web that can not be accessed without specific software, it is the  dark web .

What is dark web or deep web actually?

The dark web exists on darknets , superimposed networks using specific protocols integrating anonymization functions and constituted by people who connect among themselves in particular for exchanges of files. These networks are superimposed on the Internet, but require specific software to access them. Thus, they are not accessible or even visible to uninitiated people.

For example, among the widely used software, Tor software hides a darknet. Tor can be used to anonymize its activity on the Internet  when you surf the visible web, but it can also be used to access special sites ending in .onion that you would not be able to access with a standard browser. These sites use Tor to camouflage themselves on the web and only Tor users can access it, which makes them very little visible!

Tor’s hidden websites are the best-known darknet on the web, but there are of course other darkenets used for various purposes such as sharing secret files, pirated software or media files.

What are you going to find on the dark web?

On darknets hide websites that do not want to be accessible on the normal web where they could be found easily. These websites constitute what is called the dark web.

The dark web provides anonymity both to the websites that constitute it and to the visitors of these websites. Political dissidents in countries where authoritarian regimes leave very little room for opponents are likely to use the dark web to communicate and organize (we find a little spirit of “Radio London” and resistance during the 2nd World War II with its parallel communication networks).

Alert launchers can reveal secrets about the dark web using sites like the one from the American newspaper The New Yorker  accessible by Tor to guarantee a higher level of anonymity. Even Facebook can be accessed from Tor to ensure the security of users logging into countries where Facebook is censored or banned .

But beyond these positive uses and aiming to fight for freedom, the anonymity of the dark web allows the existence of a multitude of other sites that could not have been born on the normal web, for good reasons.

Indeed, many sites offer drugs, weapons, false documents or even stolen credit cards and even other services like credit card hacking and confidential information hacking. You will also find sites of online games or directories of criminals with classifieds of people proposing for an assassination. All these services are generally paid in Bitcoin, this virtual currency also guaranteeing a certain anonymity .

Moreover, the site of the dark web that has made the most talk about him in recent years is Silk Road, a huge black market place dedicated to the sale of drugs and on which payments were made in Bitcoin and buyers received their orders by mail as on any other e-retailer. Silk Road was brought to and end in November 2014 by the FBI.

silkroad dark website

It is therefore very important to be aware that everything on the dark web is not necessarily reliable and legitimate (besides being illegal!). Indeed, even if this is not quantifiable because of the absence of statistics in this parallel world, much of what is there may well be scams to make money on the back of the “customers”. Difficult indeed for a client to go complaining to the police saying that the user Sniper77 did not perform his assassination service when he was well paid! One can also imagine that on these sites there are traps set by the police to take on the fact of people seeking illegal products or services.

In short, make sure not to use dark web

Now you know what is dark web, so in the end, there really are very few legitimate reasons that could lead you on the dark web. As we saw above, if you are a wake-up caller or if you live in a country where all freedoms are not guaranteed, dark web can be a valuable tool … for the rest, avoid all just to get there.

Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.