Kali Linux have been the most advanced penetration testing machine introduced yet. It have most valuable tools used for every sort of hacking. To take advantage of kali linux hacking tools, you have to switch your OS to kali linux whether you like to switch or not. But no worries now. I have created a complete tutorial on kali linux virtualbox installation. In this way, you can use kali linux on your current OS without switching. You just have to run it on the same device within the same OS.

Kali Linux VirtualBox Installation

Installation is very simple and I have divided it into two parts, one is to install and configure virtualbox that runs the OS within the current OS and second is to install and configure kali linux.


  1. Download virtualbox that is compatible to your OS architecture.
  2. Run the setup.
  3. Simply hit next next next and finish the installation. If you want to change some default paths or settings you can do it while you’re installing.


  1. Download Kali Linux Virtual Image. Note that you choose the ‘VirtualBox Images‘ first and then choose according to your OS architecture whether it’s 64bit or 32bit, while you choose the Kali Linux to download as shown in the below screenshot. Install and configure Kali Linux Virtual Image
  2. We have installed virtualbox before installing Kali Linux. After downloading open the Kali Linux Virtual Image by simply hitting left mouse key twice. It’ll be opened in virtualbox with a pop-up to import it’s pre-configured settings.  Click on the Import button. It’ll take few minutes to complete.  Import Kali Linux Settings in VirtualBox
  3. Once it completes importing settings, your Kali Linux is ready to use as a virtual machine.
  4. Remember Kali Linux’s username is root and password is toor.

If you couldn’t follow how to do it, watch this complete video tutorial on kali linux virtualbox installation.

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Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.