Hacking is an important part of today’s society, computers are everywhere, shared data is increasingly sensitive and numerous, attacks are increasing and evolving. Enterprise and user security is also becoming increasingly important. The connected objects arrive and I guarantee you that we have not finished hearing about hackers, quite the contrary. There is a community, a culture shared by programmers and other experts in systems and networks from the very beginning of the Internet. So, where to start with hacking? I have explained answer here below in detail.

Where to start with Hacking?

Once you have decided to learn hacking, go on. There’s a most common question about it that where to start with hacking. What i need to do first? Whether programming, networking or cryptography.

To above questions, I assure you, it’s not a matter of life or death, as you can start in many different ways.

Before you start, 3 questions to ask yourself

To properly answer this question, and therefore know where you need to start, ask yourself the following questions in order:

  1. What would I like to know in a global way ? (Sample Response: Becoming an Ethical Hacker)
  2. What would I like to know first and foremost  ? (Example of answer: Knowing how the networks work)
  3. What would I like to know precisely ? (Sample Response: Knowing how to protect yourself from intercepting information on a network)

You are there! So you have the domain by which you must start, and I congratulate you!

How to get started with Hacking?

Now you have to separate what you want to know.

I keep this example:

Know how to protect yourself from intercepting information on a network

So we need to know how networks work , how to intercept information , and how to protect themselves .

Your starting point in this example is: How networks work .

You have gone from “I want to become a hacker” to “I already want to know how networks work”, this precision is extremely important.

Where to start with Hacking? Take Action

action to where to start with hacking

After that, it is time to take action because to find the information and thus reach your goal you have to look for them and find them.

So check out all the tutorials, books and sites that talk about what you’re looking to learn. Of course I hope this site will help you a lot in your research.

Sort these resources by level: First those who talk about bases, then intermediate resources , and finally advanced resources .

Read those that talk about the basics and especially apply .

The word apply is very important because the more you apply the more you retain and the faster you go. Application rhymes with Action .

Take note that you must take action now, do not wait anymore or nothing will happen.

If you just read and try to hold back the advice (it was my mistake in the past) without too much to see what to apply, write them down, summarize what you have learned. If the resources ask you to download programs, write code, etc. Just do it .

After a certain time , you will learn the basics of the field by which you decided to start. And I re-congratulate you.

Take the second part of your resources.

Here, you will still have to practice but you will learn a lot more things and the learning will be longer (count between 2 weeks and a few months). You will feel at a time that you have already understood most of the concepts and you will feel motivated and above the complete beginner stage.

Now you can either go to the next step and practice with advanced resources or switch to the second part of your chosen domain. I reuse my example:

So first we need to know how networks work, how to intercept information, and then how to protect themselves.

You have just done the first part: Know how the networks work up to the intermediate or advanced stage, so you can move on to the second part: ”  Know how to intercept information “.

Repeat the same method, find basics on intercepting network communications, and then practice until you reach an intermediate level .

Finally, you will go to the last part: “How to protect yourself”, you do not always need to look for resources, because you will automatically know how to do so you will have reached your first goal.

Linking knowledge

Small reminder: We in our example chose to become a hacker, we decided to start with the network and we gained knowledge about it through practice.

So you can move on to the second domain you will have liked to acquire and so on up all the domains and reach your final goal here: Become A Hacker .

When do I stop learning and consider that I am a hacker?

Let’s say there are 2 things to know here:

Usually one becomes hacker when the community names us so . And the qualities required to be considered as a hacker depend on everyone. Some hackers may be more specialized in specific areas.

That said, there are a whole range of qualities considered essential for a hacker . This is the subject of the next point.

In order to learn hacking, you must have…

Here is a list that will always be non exhaustive, but representative of the qualities indispensable to be considered as hacker. These are therefore pathways for you to achieve your goal. Use the learning methods previously given to learn quickly and easily.

Learn programming

Programming for Hacking - Where to start with Hacking

I start with the quality that usually comes first: The hacker knows how to program.

From there, there is an array of questions that are added, especially by what language do we begin ? Should I program under Linux ? Should we learn Web languages ? Is Python better than C? etc …

These questions are constantly being asked, and I will reply to them in the articles.

In fact everything again depends on what YOU want to do.

Imagine what you would like to know first and start with it.

Let me explain, if you want to start by creating sites and understand how to secure them: We must start with the web languages (JavaScript, SQL, PHP).

If instead you want to learn system programming, to know how the machine works inside , is the best C .

And finally, if you want to make functional programs quickly without specially knowing the whole system or web languages ​​(although this is not particularly recommended), you can start with Pythonor even VB.NET .

It is also necessary to have that it is possible to learn several languages ​​at the same time or one after another according to your desires.

If there are 5 languages ​​to master, they are for me:

  1. C or / and C ++
  2. PHP or ASP
  3. C # or VB.NET
  4. Java or Python
  5. JavaScript

You can start with HTML if you wish, let’s say it should be quick and easy.

It’s a personal matter, and there are no obligations.

Mastering an Open Source Operating System


The hacker movement is intimately linked to the Open Source world , and hackers adhere to this spirit.

Open Source systems of the Linux type are becoming more popular and although they seem to be confusing at first, they are actually easy to understand and use.

I recommend to program under Ubuntu or at least under a Linux system Simply because it is more convenient to program : Many tools are already present.

Learn how networks work


This is another great area in which hackers have contributed a lot. It is also an essential pillar of the Internet, which is becoming more and more sensitive because of the personal data it circulates.

To learn networks it is again very useful to practice because the normal user is really only using the networks without trying to understand them. So there is a lot to discover.

Here are the great points by which you can begin:

  • The OSI model
  • IP and Mac addressing
  • The protocols TCP, UDP, ARP, DHCP, DNS etc …

Also look at the safety of these points.

Assimilate the concepts and share in turn

Finally, as we have seen on several occasions, there are concepts, an ethic that the hackers of the whole world follow.

Produce open source software or contribute to existing ones, join a community and share what you already know while learning new things.

This is all how to start with hacking from scratch. Hope you’ll find this article useful. Please give us feedback by commenting below. Thank..:)

Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.