In this modern digital age, most people have started keeping all their information on their emails. The email has become the gateway to most of the world where people can keep their private info and confidential info, write letters and keep in touch with friends and family. With the use of Skype, email, blogs and social media, it is the preferred method of communication. However, this can sometimes be a liability if an email account gets hacked. Hackers can access your personal information and use your email address for spamming, spreading Viruses, phishing and other harmful activities. In the event that your email gets hacked, here are the steps to follow if your email gets hacked.

Steps to follow if your email gets hacked

Recover your account

Once your account gets hacked, use the all recovery options to get access to your account. Once it’s recvored. do the following steps to make it secure for the next time.

  1. Change Your Password

    The first trick hackers use when trying to access an email account is the simplest method of all: guessing the password to the account. One of the most basic keys to internet security is maintaining passwords that are difficult to guess. If hackers have successfully violated your email account, you should immediately change your password to something that contains both letters and numbers, has both capital and lowercase letters, and has non-alphanumeric characters such as &, %, $, # or any of the other symbols available on your keyboard. Using a password that is an actual word is too easily guessed, and hackers often use software that can cycle through the entire dictionary to break a password.

  2. Run Antivirus Software on Your Computer

    The second most popular way hackers obtain passwords or gain access to personal information is by slipping in Trojans, which are programs that run in the background of your computer system and transmit information to hackers or give them direct access to your computer or email account. If your email has been violated, it is possible that such a program has entered your computer system. A thorough scan with one of the best antivirus software applications should reveal these invasive interloper programs and make your computer secure again. It can also reveal any other spyware or malware that could be causing problems or violating the sanctity of your computer. The best antivirus software applications to use are those fromBitDefender, Kaspersky or Webroot.

  3. Remove Unused Accounts

    You should close any email or social media account that you don’t use. Idle accounts are prime targets for hackers, and you might not even know if anything has happened for months if an account you rarely use is hacked. Most people have an average of between three and eight unused email accounts that hackers could use to gain access to your life. If you know you have any of these accounts, delete all but the ones you most commonly use.

  4. Apologize and Warn your Contacts

    Once your email account has been violated, the best final step is to send out an apology to any contacts who might have been the victim of the illicit use of your email account. Explain what happened and advise your contacts that emails sent from your address might contain dangerous software, so they should make sure that no viruses have infected their machines. Most people will be understanding and appreciate that you are trying to set right any damage caused by hackers.

The dangers of hacked accounts are very real and happen every day. While it might seem that no one would gain much from accessing your email address, it is still wise to protect yourself. Having something as personal as your email hacked can feel like an intimate violation that is nearly as serious as having someone break in to your home. If it happens, make sure to follow each of the steps above to keep yourself and your friends and family safe from further harm. That’s all steps to follow if your email gets hacked. Hope it will help you in securing your email for the next time.

Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.