This handbook is about finding and exploiting the web applications. Download the hacker’s handbook web application complete in the pdf format absolutely free.

Authors: Dafydd Stuttard, Marcus Pinto

the hackers handbook web applicaiton 2nd edition


Introduction xxiii

  • Chapter 1 Web Application (In)security
  • Chapter 2 Core Defense Mechanisms
  • Chapter 3 Web Application Technologies
  • Chapter 4 Mapping the Application
  • Chapter 5 Bypassing Client-Side Controls
  • Chapter 6 Attacking Authentication
  • Chapter 7 Attacking Session Management
  • Chapter 8 Attacking Access Controls
  • Chapter 9 Attacking Data Stores
  • Chapter 10 Attacking Back-End Components
  • Chapter 11 Attacking Application Logic
  • Chapter 12 Attacking Users: Cross-Site Scripting
  • Chapter 13 Attacking Users: Other Techniques
  • Chapter 14 Automating Customized Attacks
  • Chapter 15 Exploiting Information Disclosure
  • Chapter 16 Attacking Native Compiled Applications
  • Chapter 17 Attacking Application Architecture
  • Chapter 18 Attacking the Application Server
  • Chapter 19 Finding Vulnerabilities in Source Code
  • Chapter 20 A Web Application Hacker’s Toolkit
  • Chapter 21 A Web Application Hacker’s Methodology

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