Online marketplace have taken over the traditional markets. Businesses and trading growing over the internet day by day. People buy and pay online using their credit cards and banking details. As internet facilitating the businesses, it also made a huge question mark to the people’s confidential information. Hacking became the biggest threat to online businesses. It is a process where the hacker, a person who hacks into a network, makes use of the weakness associated with a particular system to gather important information. It is the activity where important and sensitive information gets compromised. We should look for a way to prevent credit cards from being hacked.

Credit card hacking is quite common and the world has seen a large amount of loss through the credit card hacking. Online transactions have become quite common and there are very few people who use their credit cards to make online purchases, shopping or that of any money transactions. Though it seems quite convenient and easy it bestows upon us the burden to safe guard the security of the card to a considerable extent. The internet is rife with credit card hackers and we need to be at our best to protect ourselves and our information the best way possible. Here’s a way how we can prevent credit cards from being hacked.

What to do to prevent credit cards from being hacked?

  • Do not furnish credit information unless necessary
  • Do not involve in online banking transaction in internet cafe
  • Never furnish any credit card information to any sites
  • Do not store the credit card information in the system itself
  • Never use credit card on a website that doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate.

All of these are some of the activities that can make you over the saver edge from being hacked. Other than these, you also needs to take care of certain measures, in advance.

Things to do:

  • Create a tight security mechanism for the system.
  • Ensure that important information is not stored in the system.
  • Keep protection mechanism like anti virus and anti phishing enabled.
  • Create an effective firewall system in the computer.
  • Setup SSL certificate.
  • Take care of the password set up.
  • Uninstall infected or any other unwanted software from the system.

Use Encrypted Connection

An encrypted connection will serve as the best protective shield within the users and it is the ideal one for dealing with any financial information. There are many sites that asks for the personal details and credit card information, never give away any of the details. Before installing any software, make sure that it is secure as some of them can act against your interest and serves as the hacking tool for the hackers. It is important that one does not allow room for phishing in their system as it may compromise all the essential data.

Discard the affected system

If your system was hacked and data was stolen, then make sure that you no longer use the affected system as it may cause further damage. If you still need to use the same system, then change its operating system completely and give it a new lease of life altogether.

Thus, one needs to show a lot of attention to prevent credit cards from being hacked. Once the damage is done, it is quite hard to recover, so it is better to be cautious from the beginning and avoid such losses. Make sure you follow this simple yet effective protective mechanism for securing credit card information.

Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.