Now a days, information have got to every inch of space with the help of wifi networks. You’ll probably find everywhere some wifi hotspot. The problem is most of the wifi networks are secured by the password key. We can not connect until we know the password key. In this tutorial, I will show how to hack wifi wpa encrypted wifi password to connect to these secured networks. This method will also work great to hack wpa2 encrypted wifi passoword too.

So, how to hack wifi?


  1. Wifi Card (Encryption supported. i.e: Alfa AWUS036H)
  2. Kali Linux
  3. Wordlist of Passwords (Google it to download)


  1. Download Kali Linux and install it.
  2. Open up a terminal in the Kali Linux and put the Wifi card in Monitor mode by typing these commands.  ‘ifconfig wlan0 down‘ , ‘iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor‘and ‘ifconfig wlan0 up‘.
  3. As your card shows Mode Monitor as shown in below screenshot. Run the command ‘airodump-ng wlan0‘ to monitor the networks.1 2
  4. Now we’ll write these captured packets in a file by the command as below. You can change the ‘bssid‘ and ‘channel‘ according to the output of step 3. Bssid is the mac address of the wifi network device. 3
  5. Now we’ll de-authenticate the connected device to the wifi network device. It’ll capture the handshake packet. As you type the command as in the second terminal, you’ll get handshake packet in top right corner of the terminal like highlighted in the below screenshot.                                    5
  6. Now we have the handshake packet and we have wordlist. So we enter the final command to crack the password and hit enter.  6 Hack wpa encrypted wifi password
  7. Woww..!! We finally grabbed the key. Password key of the network have been found successfully.

Hope it’ll work for you. If you couldn’t follow me through out this pictorial. You can watch complete demonstration in the following video tutorial on how to hack wifi wpa2 encrypted password.

Note: Use Virtual Machine and scan on VirusTotal before downloading any program on Host Machine for your privacy.